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NYC Popfest!

Amazing. That’s all I have to say about that. Amazing. Thank you guys for having us! This is The Proctors after our gig at Bell House. That’s why our faces match our red outfits.

The World Tour continues…

As you may well know, I play bass with The Proctors. I’m a band whore, I know. I saw them at London Popfest last year and remember being all ”This is the best band I’ve ever SEEN!!”. And now I play with them. Funny how things turn out. Anyway. We went to Paris the other [...]

Last Week’s Memoir

Dear everyone. Last Week’s Memoir is an awesome site/blog/collaboration project combining short stories with beautiful artwork. And they’ve just published my very first English short story Full Moon Picnic. I am incredibly pleased. Please read it, and all other short stories there. All amazing.  

New single!

Hello everyone.     I have been quite busy practising with my other bands, finishing Satan & Megastars debut album and planning world domination, but last weekend I had some spare time, so me and Adam recorded that song… Thanks to Silja for coming up with the title ”Every year until we die”, thanks to [...]


DOWNLOAD IT HERE!   This is what my awesome label wrote about me: Bang! Lisa Bouvier explodes onto a scene that is barely ready for her! This is sparkling indiepop made by a Swedish chanteuse. ”What‽ that’s not possible…”, you say? No matter. Lisa swings, she sways, she gets stuck in your head! This is [...]

Spend money!

Ok, here’s the deal: I just counted my cassettes and there are about 20 of them left. So if you want one, and come on, of course you want one, you better order one as soon as possible! Or buy one directly from me at various pop events.Don’t wait until I get back to Sweden, [...]

You better hurry! Cause there’s now only 92 cassettes to go! Order them at Fika Recordings. About the cassette: The first time I met Andreas, he was late. It was my first lesson in acoustic physics, and I was quite surprised by seeing the ex-drummer of Quit Your Dayjob suddenly open the door and quite [...]

Cutting cutting cutting…

But not my wrists, my new cassette release! Ellie, Luke and Ste was here to help, and Ellie took this picture. Aren’t they wonderful??? (both the people and the cassettes).